Rina Citaku is a young artist based in Kosovo. Visit for more. (Issue /7)

Julie Fordham is a mixed media artist working in Atlanta, GA. She attended Rhode Island School of Design where she studied Illustration. Her work is primarily comprised of female portraiture. She surrounds her subjects in a world of symbolism and contrast. The combination of stitches and lace. Bright colors and dark imagery. The rigid lines of text with the soft curves of the feminine form. She is currently exploring the capabilities of needlework to create patterns and texture, stitching halos, animals, and plants. She focuses on themes such as mental health, fate and sexuality in women. She has shown around the city of Atlanta and Nashville, and participated in many shows at the Tannery Row Artist Colony in Buford. (Issue /3)

Javier Mayoral is an American painter born in Spain in 1961. He has traveled throughout the world and finally emigrated to the United States in 1990. There he taught himself to cook, worked as a private chef on the islands around Miami and painted small acrylics on wood until he managed to live exclusively off his art. (Issue /6)

Jeremiah McCleary is an artist from Atlanta whose work focuses more on the subconscious and dreams.  His work is primarily pen to paper drawings offering tales of loneliness, cosmic desolation, vampyric sadness, and castles.  When he’s not spending time with his son, you can find him drawing or exploring at any local cemetery. (Issue /4)

Britt McDermott is a visual artist and art educator from Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, where she uses art education to teach young people about country music history. She works primarily in illustration and oil paint and has exhibited her artwork across the Southeast US. (Issue /1)

Christopher Payne is an illustrator, designer, and printmaker who grew up on the outskirts of California’s Mojave Desert. Working in ink, watercolor, screen printing, and other practices, his work examines nature through a distorted lens. He has worked with Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, Ghost Peach Press and Tilted House Review. His work can be found in the television shows Silicon Valley and Loosely Exactly Nicole, on various musical releases and band merchandise, and has been shown in galleries throughout the United States. He is the co-founder of the literary and visual arts publication Fine Print and currently works through his design studio, Salted Teeth. (Issue /5)

Aliya Smith is a Cambridge, Mass-born, Atlanta-based illustrator and muralist focused on surreal femininity and connection with nature and self. Aliya has drawn her entire life with great encouragement from her family to pursue a career in the arts. She studied fine art at UNC Asheville, but shortly after college, decided to steer toward more illustrative work. Her pieces often tenderly spotlight mental illness and self-preservation through crisp line work and pop colors. (Issue /2)