/alexa doran

When my son asks who invented sex/ Britney Spears hits my lips faster than I expect.

/kelly gray

Fire moves like someone socking you in the eye and taking your home./ You travel light and learn to duck.

/leela srinivasan

The air, tasting of lemongrass/ & brine. Your feathers/ on the ground. There: the prize/

/l. s. mckee

It steps hard in the mud. Its belly full/ of the crop you’d saved

/bryn dodson

His invention didn’t touch his truth—but what you want can also be your truth.

/signe e. land

this was never/ about love if I held you in my mouth like a stone

/sarah street

The first body was a mistake, the second/ a signal from God.

/natasha burge

I wound the languages into my tongue. Clams to spit and salt/ on my molar.